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About El-Ra Bowl

El-Ra Bowl is a family business that has been serving Janesville and Rock County since 1959.  The name comes from the 3 original owners first names: ELmer, RAy, and BOb.  Bob Brose's family still operates the bowl today.

El-Ra Bowl is located in  Southern Janesville on Center Avenue.  We offer 16 lanes of bowling with every modern convenience you would expect: Auto Scoring, Full Service Pro Shop, Cocktail Lounge, Full Grill Menu, Pizza, and much more! We are known for our CLEAN, well maintained, and friendly atmosphere.  

Talk about modern conveniences, El-Ra Bowl is the only bowling center in the area with automatic bumpers.  No need to have 2 lanes with only 2 or 3 bowlers.  The bumpers go up and down for each person however you want, YOU PROGRAM IT!  You won't find that anywhere else.

We offer many different bowling experiences for everyone in our community.  League bowling ranges from youth to seniors and everything in-between.  Open bowling is available throughout the week and Glow Bowling is offered every Friday and Saturday night.  Bowling is a great way to celebrate birthdays, graduations, work parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, ect......  


Whatever your reason to party, bring it to El-Ra Bowl. 

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